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In more recent times, the Anasazi or Ancestral Pueblo people lived along the Colorado Plateau to the north of the Little Colorado and Puerco Rivers.

Their homeland reached from the Colorado River in the west to the Rio Grande in the East.

However a reporter got his hands on one of them and it soon hit the papers all around the world, a sheriff inviting people to an execution. Overgrazing led to silting in the river and more flooding.

President Mc Kinley got in touch with the Governor of Arizona who postponed the execution for one month and admonished the Sheriff. The 1923 flood cut all communications and wahed away part of the town.

Elevation 5,082 ft (1.548 m); population 5,053 (2010). Route 66 This part of Arizona has been inhabited for over 10,000 years.

Holbrook is the county seat of Navajo county in eastern Arizona, on Route 66. Petrified wood at the Petrified Forest National Park near Holbrook, AZ.

He passed through the place where Holbrook is now located, in 1857.

Beale employed camels, imported from Africa as pack animals.

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In 1876 the Mormons from Utah moved south along the Honeymoon Trail which also went through Horsehead Crossing.

They had been displaced by other groups, among which were the Navajo (who called themselves Diné - or "People").