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19-Aug-2017 17:15

When they take a break, whether they walk around the block, go for a cup of tea or just simply rest, that's surely up to them.'The BBC is hugely grateful to its journalists who work through the night to make sure the country has the best possible news service when it wakes up in the morning. Ready for work.'It was a bold move from the 56-year-old, who became embroiled in a separate sleeping scandal back in 2012.The BBC, funded by the taxpayer, attempted to make light of the photographs as did a number of its staff. The cameras caught the broadcaster with his head resting on his folded arms just before 8.30am when the BBC’s Breakfast programme switched to the rolling news channel.The shop is small and is open for limited hours, so be prepared to wait for your turn to enter.Also, if you fall in love with a bigger cactus (and some are quite large), don't worry about fitting it in your Prius.Two men were pictured slumped in their chairs fast asleep and another used his desk as a pillow for forty winks.

I'm not sure in what context the first example would make much sense but the second sentence is perfectly fine...

They said some of those sleeping on the job were seasoned journalists who have been at the corporation for decades and added: 'I'm not for privatisation usually but the BBC needs it.